Creative Projects for 7-21 Year Olds in Cornwall


Join a company and bring an incredible piece of art to life

Our projects will always have a real-world outcome. It could be singing at the Eden project to promote sustainability or bringing theatrical Disney productions to life for deprived school children. Every project is guaranteed to be fun, inspiring and make a real difference to the community.


Develop life changing 21st Century skills

Children are leaving school without vital skills including creativity, confidence, communication and compassion. Our mission is to cultivate these skills and so much more in a fun, challenging and inspiring environment.


Earn awards and badges

Throughout the year, members will earn awards when they demonstrate our core values. We will soon be piloting an innovative badge scheme allowing teens and young adults to demonstrate their transferable skills.

Proud Parent

"The Early Energy Centre has really helped my daughter develop her confidence and social skills. It is amazing to watch my child develop. I can't thank you enough!"

Josh, aged 19

"It's been amazing to work with EEC, they have contacts in all fields of art with whom I've been able to develop my skills whether that's been choreography, set design and vocal coaching. It's been a great experience which I'll miss when I go to Uni!"

Audience Member

"The show blew me away: the talent of the performers (both on stage and in the band), the creativity of the whole production and the fact that everyone involved looked so happy and self assured. It was absolutely brilliant. Thank you and well done."

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