Every month, we run a 10 day challenge specially designed to build resilience in 4-16 year olds! 


Every challenge is completely free to take part in. 


Every month, we reward hard work, resilience and creativity. Our favourite entry will win a Big Life Journal from the incredibly popular 'Big Life Journal' series. Everyone who completes all 10 days of the challenge will feature on our Wall of Fame!


Every month will have a different theme. From sport to music, building to writing, there's something for everyone.

This Month's Challenge:

Build Resilience

Our Design Challenge is mapped out over ten days.

Each day you'll receive a new task to complete.

Nurture Design Skills

You will be designing and creatingbrand new outfit!

You'll be using old clothes and materials to create a new outfit - we'll guide you through each step.

Share Ideas

At the end of this challenge you will have the opportunity to share your creations with other like-minded designers on our Facebook Page.

How does it work?

  • Enter the challenge by submitting your name and email.
  • Receive instructions every day for 10 days.
  • Take a picture of you/your child's work each day and put it on our Facebook Page/send it on Messenger @earlyenergy

Please note - entries for June are now closed. Keep an eye out for July's!

Deadline for Entry - Saturday 20th June

To enter the 10 day fashion design challenge just enter your details below. 

You'll receive full details via email.

1st Prize  = Big Life Resilience Journal!

1st place will be awarded to whoever we feel has been the most creative with their outfit!

Everyone who completes all 10 days will feature on our Wall of Fame!

July's Challenge Announced Soon!

Meanwhile, want to continue igniting life skills at home?

Check out our Solo Projects