Don't come to a club.

join a community.

Whether it's singing, dancing, acting or playing music, joining an ensemble in like joining a community - everyone works together and is invested in its success. This sense of teamwork creates a safe and encouraging environment, where children do not compete with each other, but are encouraged to grow as individuals. 

This incredible environment allows children to create, collaborate and communicate in ways they may not have thought possible before. Performing also requires a unique mix of couragecompassion and confidence.

We believe these 6 skills are key to any child unlocking their potential.


All our ensemble directors strive to ensure each member learns the relevant skills and techniques through fun and stimulating challenges. All three ensembles have a wide range of performance opportunities throughout the year, which can be challenging but extremely rewarding.

 Discounts available for joining more than one ensemble!
Ages 8-11
Weekly 1 hour sessions
£25 p/half term (6 weeks)
Ages 11-21
Weekly 1.5 hour sessions
£30 p/half term (6 weeks)
Invitation/audition only

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Aged 4 -7?