Turning passions into profits

for 8-12 Year Olds

Learn to spend wisely, save like a superhero and help other people!

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Learn to Earn

Children learn how to turn their passion into profits! Earning money should be about doing something you LOVE to do and we show them how to do just that.

Prepare for the Future

Children learn how to manage their money and the importance of being a 'superhero saver'. Specific skills include taxes, percentages and interest.

The Bigger Picture

Children learn the importance of helping other people. We focus on this in two ways - using what you love to help other people and setting aside a small amount of your earnings to help others.

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3 week solo project 

Driving Question:
'How can we earn money to reward ourselves, prepare for the future and help other people?"

Goal: Build a Bank

Recommended Age: 8-12

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Preparing the next generation for their future


The world is changing faster than ever. Children need to grow up to be confident, creative, compassionate individuals with great communication skills. Our mission is to ignite these skills in children across the world and give them valuable life skills that'll serve them forever.

Money Master is a confidence project that shows children that earning money isn't about working a monotonous job day in and day out just to pay the bills. Instead, it's about doing what you love and helping other people.

The three-week project will also show them how to manage their money, from savings to giving, taxes to interest. It's fun, exciting and rewarding for them, simple, affordable and reassuring for you!

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