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Children are currently stuck at home every day of the week due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Parents are now facing the unprecedented challenge of being their child's teacher and entertainment at the same time as looking after their health and wellbeing in a time of great uncertainty.


We have created these solo projects specially designed to provide hours of entertainment at home and ignite confidence, creativity, communication skills and compassion.

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What is a Solo Project?

A solo project is a bit like an activity pack with a difference. Each one has a challenge to complete with a clear, real world end goal. Each one will also focus on a specific life skill, there are four to choose from:

Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Compassion.

Depending on which you choose, children will go on a rewarding, personal journey that will enable this skill to flourish. They will see inspirational examples and be encouraged to explore their own levels of confidence, creativity, communication or compassion as well as setting themselves goals to improve. Of course, many of these skills overlap and you will find your child grows in all these areas regardless of which one they focus on. 

Real World Challenges

Each project focuses on a unique real-world challenge, because learning is so much stronger when applied to real life situations. The range is huge - children could be mastering money in one project and producing a podcast the next. The possibilities are endless!


As soon as you purchase a project or become a member, you'll have unlimited access to all the resources it comes with!


We have followed the structure of an online course so children can easily work through each activity and track their progress. This has allowed us to embed awesome videos, music and interactive challenges and games.

The perfect balance between online and offline

Children can work through their project on any device. Sometimes activities will be created online, others offline.

'Proud, amazed and surprised'


"There are a lot of great resources out there inspiring children and young people to get creative. This is one of the best. I had the pleasure of watching my 6 year old work through her first pack with such excitement. I was so proud, amazed and surprised at her levels of creativity, concentration and sense of achievement!
Thank you."

Proud Parent

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